Saturday, February 6, 2010


It's SuperBowl weekend (and February weather in MI) so the odds of me needing to go outside for anything are pretty much NONE.

That said, I've got plenty to entertain me for the next 48 hours so traveling outside for some fresh air isn't really necessary.

TV: The SuperBowl!!! Have to root for the Colts and my favorite player Peyton Manning in this one. Nothing against the Saints (and if they do win that's fine too), but if Manning earns his 2nd SuperBowl ring then he's pretty much a lock for the greatest QB ever. Watch the man's amazing! btw - Prop Bet on HEADS to win!

DVR: The shows are piling up. Me and Mrs. Jumper are all caught up on our favorites like Lost, 24, Big Love, Modern Family, and The Big Bang Theory...but that still leaves tons of shows we enjoy like The Mentalist, The Office, Chuck, Chopped, Lie to Me, Man vs. Wild, and several others that we're "testing out" like The Human Target. If you don't watch these shows...then you're missing out on some excellent TV.

BOOKS: I just finished the 4th DIARY OF A WIMPY KID (Dog Days). Hilarious! They're written for a younger audience but much like the Warner cartoons of old, there's plenty of subtle jokes for adults that are just great. This book is one of the best and had me laughing out loud at several spots.

COMICS: I have to get up to Liberty Comics soon but until then I have some issues of Captain America, Green Lantern, and The Flash that I need to catch up with.

GAMES: I just bought STAR TREK online and...well there goes my weekend as I command the U.S.S. Damacles to new and exciting worlds...and boldly go where no genre enthusiast has gone before.

Enjoy your weekend!

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