Saturday, March 6, 2010


A few years ago I became addicted to the MMORPG (massive multi-player online role playing game for those not in the "know") City of Heroes. I loved the game so much that I started shutting out some of my daily activities to just wander around as a superhero battling crime in a nice little fantasy world. One day I woke up and played for 14 hours straight (Mrs. Jumper brought me lunch and snacks). Eventually I had to call it quits in order to get back to the real world. But what a ride it was. I will always fondly remember the adventures of Reconciler, AJAX Gold, and Project: Spartan).

Now in 2010 I've delved back into the world of MMORPG with Star Trek Online.'s fun and addictive as all get out. However, since I was always more of a superhero fan, it doesn't quite have the same grip on me that City of Heroes had. Still, the graphics are stellar (out of this world...haha) and it's a blast going into ship-vs-ship combat against the Klingons, Borg, and a variety of other nuisance alien species. The added fun of Star Trek online is that the missions are varied so for every ship action mission there's also landing party missions. The missions also have a decent balance between all out battle and scientific exploration. I've been playing for a month and have clocked 13+ it seems there's a nice balance I'm striking between my real life and the Star Trek Universe.

The overall game gets a solid 'A' from me. And remember, this is coming from the Captain of the U.S.S. Damacles...along with his faithful bridge crew: T'Pau, Salyeri, Booster, and Fife. So maybe we'll see you sometime in our jaunts around the stars.

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