Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Book Review - THE WOLF'S HOUR - Part 2

In November 2011 Subterranean Press will be releasing a limited edition follow-up to The Wolf's Hour.  Robert McCammon's novella and short-story filled continuation with the Michael Gallatin character is titled: THE HUNTER IN THE WOODS.  Check out their
One of the novellas to be included in this new collection is THE ROOM AT THE BOTTOM OF THE STAIRS which was just released as a free (WOW! Don't hear that often) ebook download.  This 30,000 word story takes place after the events in The Wolf's Hour and really shows that McCammon is still writing at the top of his game.

Where as The Wolf's Hour was a superb spy-horror-action story.  The new novella is much more of a drama-romance story.  Shocking to see the change, but it works remarkably well.  There's so much fun to the Michael Gallatin character, and a richness to the trials and tribulations he faces on his newest mission behind enemy lines.  McCammon is always excelled in creating strong villains and "punishing" surprises, and this novella continues the trend.  The final action set piece is both exciting and terrifying in its brutality.  Astute readers will understand that the novella's title is both the setting of the climax and an allegory to a place Michael fears he'll one day see.

I loved reading THE ROOM AT THE BOTTOM OF THE STAIRS.  I hope McCammon continues to release his past works on ebook formats as my Kindle gets far more attention these days than any books on my shelf.  If you're interested in ordering THE HUNTER IN THE WOODS or snagging the free novella download look here...

If you've never read anything by Robert McCammon, check out some of his best work: BOY'S LIFE, SWAN SONG, BLUE WORLD, SPEAKS THE NIGHTBIRD, STINGER, and MINE.  The author's website...

Keep up the great work Rick!

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