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The CW is firing on all cylinders with their Flash and Arrow shows.  Over in Starling City the big mystery is surrounding Who Killed Sara? (My guess - it was Tommy Merlyn, but we shall leave that for another entry), and Central City’s central plot revolves around Who Killed Barry Allen’s Mother?  Now fans of the DC Comics Flash already know that Reverse Flash has existed in numerous roles and caused far too many problems in the lives of all the heroes who have worn the scarlet colors of the Flash.

I am not shocking anyone by my predictions in this blog that the Reverse Flash is going to end up being Officer Eddie Thawne of the Central City Police Force!  BUT, and here’s the hook, it’s not the Eddie Thawne of 2014 but some future version of the character.

To help my theory,

TIME TRAVEL – Fans of the Flash already know that his super speed will eventually allow him to travel so fast that he will go backwards (and forwards) in time.  In the pilot episode Barry’s mother was killed while surrounded in a spiral windstorm of yellow AND red.  Thus both Flashes will battle through the time stream.  There are tachyon particles, future technology, and plenty of hints that both the past and present will be coming into play shortly.

DR. WELLS – Dr. Wells is either from the future (he may be Eobald Thawne, a future relative to Eddie Thawne) or he has knowledge of future events.  He has the technology and obviously he also has a Reverse-Flash uniform.  His tachyon device was attached to the Reverse-Flash suit to empower the suit with special time travel abilities.  But, Dr. Wells is NOT the version of Reverse Flash currently causing all the problems on the show.

Squint just right and you will see Eddie Thawne of 2024!
EDDIE THAWNE OF THE FUTURE – In the comics Eobald Thawne, from the future, is the Reverse Flash but here I believe we’re dealing with a 5-10 year in the future version of Eddie who clearly does not like Barry Allen.  Both men love Iris (and Barry will probably be the winner in that triangle).  Eddie won’t be a fan of Barry’s when he discovers Barry is the Flash and when he gains access to powers (or that empowered suit) he will go back in time to create all sorts of problems to make Barry’s life as miserable as his own must become. 
      Clearly this Reverse-Flash does not want to harm Eddie or Joe.  In Episode 9 he is given the chance to kill both men, but instead he kills a bunch of S.W.A.T. troopers, ignores Joe, saves Eddie from an errant bullet, and then pummels Dr. Wells.

BARRY’S MOTHER – When time travel comes into play will the Reverse Flash indeed be the killer of Barry’s mother?  The Flash (and his red streaking) is obviously in the room too.  If Barry’s mother is saved doesn’t that change the timeline so drastically that there can never be a Flash?  We know Dr. Wells won’t settle for that.  Reverse Flash never states that he killed Barry’s mother but instead chooses to goad him into a chase before ruthlessly beating up the Flash.  What is Reverse Flash’s hatred and motivation?

Many viewers seem to be focused on WHO is wearing the Reverse Flash costume?, but the true mystery here is WHY is there a Reverse Flash and WHAT is his true motivation?

I guess we all need to be satisfied with going along for the ride (or run as it were) and hope that the creative team behind The Flash keep firing faster than the speed of light because so far it’s been a hell of a fun run!

For fans of the Flash who have not read any of the best DC storylines
with Flash & Reverse Flash, check out many of the collections written by
Geoff Johns, all are well worth the read as his handling of the character is stellar!

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